Earth Healing Journey

is an international mobile project, a pilgrimage through many cultures. We are living and travelling in a mobile home connecting human beings and their hearts, sharing humor, the art of healing and ancestral and spiritual wisdom.

We are living in a house on wheels called MAMUT, a 1984 Mercedes Benz truck build in Germany. We crossed the ocean on a big cargo boat in December 2004. We travel all kind of ways from paved to gravel, reach into mountains and into the woods. We are visiting communities and the people sharing our knowledge in a constant exchange with them. We give and we receive. We stay the time that we feel adequate, then we continue to the next place in a constant flow.


Our aims are:

  • Contribute in the healing of every Being with who we interact, with who we have a communication, a seminar, a tea, a certain time – space, parallel to continuing the healing of ourselves.
  • Giving and receiving innovative impulses which inspire others and ourselves towards new ways of life.

Everything begins in oneself – by elevating our consciousness we can elevate collective consciousness. Following this path we can contribute to the healing of our planet earth.