Betina Feldman

Betina Feldman

Betina, born 1962 in Argentina on a very rainy day. Since I was a girl I had the opportunity to travel a lot. I speak Spanish, English and German which allows me to communicate and connect with many cultures. I am married with Christian, a German man whom I met in one of my journeys through the world, In India 1992. We went with our backpacks visiting many countries travelling by plane, car, mobile home and on foot.

After having lived together in Germany for 12 years, in 2004 we left the old continent with our mobile home to visit the new world in south America.

In regard to my studies I licensed in psychology in Argentina, later I continued to further educate myself and specialize in various schools in Germany , England , India and Nepal: sound therapy, coaching, humor therapy, healing with crystals, holistic therapy bioenergetics, nutritional therapy, reiki, reconnective healing, improvising theatre, Fools Theater, social y therapeutic clowning.

My personal healing journey began when I was 18. Since then I have seen many therapists and psychologists, went to shamans, worked with women´s circles and mixed groups.

I could connect with women and wise teachers and learn from them. They formed me and showed me the way over and over again. My self-transformation is an eternal process where my darkness and my light constantly meet each other.

The path that keeps my inner healer alive is an endless journey, ever renewing itself. With every experience the mystery of life deepens and widens itself. This journey is fascinating and full of labyrinths and challenges. It is full of music and colors, of speeding up and completely slowing down. It is a way of laughing and crying, of integrating day and night, both the sacred feminine and masculine aspects of my Being. It is a way of encounters and goodbyes. With unique stories and human beings. Their stories are sacred and untouchable. A journey of encountering what really IS, simply IS, not regarding why or how…. A journey into my HEART.