Christian Schalling

Christian Schalling

Christian, born in Germany on February 15. As Aquarius I am revolutionary, open minded and preferring to take the road less travelled. In Italy as a 9 year old boy I wanted to leave in a paddleboat, leaving my parents swimming behind. Naturally I did not manage and had to wait several years more until I could go alone into the world.

In my profession as a male nurse I could connect with human beings. Later I became a clinic clowns and could experience how important are humor and joy in life. When I became a holistic health practitioner I could enter deeper into the complexity of human life that is connected with everything. Health became a much vaster topic for me.

I could spend much time in different countries and in pure nature. In India I met my wife Betina riding together on an Elephant. Expanding my life experience in this way is really precious to me. My teachers appeared when I could see them; they brought constant change and growth into my life and I am deeply thankful to all of them.

Life has sent its tests and challenges to me. In those experiences I could learn much about myself, expand and become another person. How I saw life changed. How I saw health and healing changed. I could integrate what I call the darkness into my life , partly understand it and find into a new spirituality. Alternative healing wisdom, patience and love are an essential part of it.

I am of mother earth. I love to travel. I choose healing as a path.